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Challenge what you know about time, space and the universe. Ask yourself, ‘what if?’

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Rob is an engineer who has spent years working in various global companies. He is a keen traveller who has covered sixteen countries so far. This helps fulfill his desire to understand the local language and customs, and realise the further we go, the closer we come to each other.

He has written numerous professional articles and is a frequent public speaker on management and human resources. He has also written short stories in science fiction and fantasy some of which can be read on his website. He believes that the future of humanity is bright, yet there are many more discoveries yet to be made.

With more than two decades of experience working in fields of science, he understands the difficulty science poses to the general reader, who is in the danger of getting lost in the jargon. Therefore, his foremost desire is to simplify the concepts of science and present them to the reader in the form of stories that they will not find overwhelming. He spends hours carefully researching his selected topics and then weaves his tales around them. He hopes that these stories will kindle the imagination of the reader and take them into the unexplored realms of science fiction.


What if we could travel at the speed of thought?

What if the origins of life on Earth are far deeper than we believe?

What if the mysterious dark matter that constitutes 85% of all matter in the known universe is not at all what we expect it to be?

What if you’re not ready for how truly different reality may be?

What if black holes have hair?

What if time travel paradoxes are put to the test?

Eleven stories to challenge every conception you may have about our world, the flow of time and this infinite universe. Do you dare let your imagination flow?

You. Will. Believe.

This is not a book of philosophy or of science. It is a book of rich imagination and deep discovery. It challenges all that you know of the universe and forces you to question ‘What if…?’

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